Wanna know more about me?
Here's what's on my mind.

Wanna know
more about me?

Here's what's
on my mind.

I'm always thinking about a quote. It could be from a book, movie, or even a song lyric.


You'll never know the value of a moment,
until it becomes a memory.

nothing, except everything.

Wesley Wang

So enjoy yourself. Do something positive. Project some love. Make someone happy. Laugh a little bit. Appreciate the moment. And do your work.

The Almanack of Naval Ravikant

Eric Jorgenson

I want AI to do my laundry and dishes so that I can do art and writing, not for AI to do my art and writing so that I can do my laundry and dishes.


Joanna Maciejewska


Our field of dreams, engulfed in fire
Your arson's match, your somber eyes


Taylor Swift

I speed past yellow lights
'Cause I'm yours, and you're mine

Yellow Lights

Finding Hope

But I wish you the best for the rest of your life
Felt sorry for you when I looked in your eyes


Billie Eilish

I never stop thinking. Here's a few interesting thoughts I have.


Conversation with Mr. Grant

I talked to my counselor and we agree that the whole point of university is not the diploma, but the friends and connections which we make during the studies there. Are there other situations where the same apply, that the people are more important than the event itself?

While reading Naval's Almanack

I know everything in our universe is something that will be eventually forgotten. Something that happens today will be perhaps the most irrelevant thing in the future. So, what's the point?

Following the release of GPT-4o

What does the future of tech look like? Now that the development of AI is blowing our minds every single day, will we still have anything similar to what we have now, 10 years in the future?

I asked myself some oddly personal Frequently Asked Questions.

What would I do?

If I had a day with nothing on my calendar, where would I be?

I'll probably pack up my camera, then hop on a bike and try to go as far as I can within that day until I have just barely enough time to get back home.

If robots eventually took over the world, what would I do?

Try to conform and not be recognized as a threat. Then, I'd bring a couple friends and live in the mountains away from robots.

If I had one chance to pick up a new hobby, what would I pick?

I've always wanted to try learning a sport like tennis or golf. Perhaps I'll try that someday.

If I could give advice to myself 5 years ago, what would I say?

Always try to figure out a meaning to everything you do. Make the most out of everything you have, and try to keep every friend that you have.

So many people inspire me. Here's a few I'd really like to meet.








Molly Cantillon


Flora Guo


Eric Zhu


Sigil Wen


Carl Pei


Ian Zelbo


Sam Kohl


Michael Darius


Chan Karunamuni


Imran Chaudhri


& many more

I take photos, too. I love seeing unique, vibrant colors in sunsets.

I'd love to have a chat 💬 about your next big idea.

Jia — I dream about pretty things ☁️

© 2024

Jia — I dream about pretty things ☁️

© 2024

Jia — I dream about pretty things ☁️

© 2024